Halwa Ajdadna Profile

Halwa Ajdadna has recently been established under the company “Modern Business Value”. The First Branch with the Factory is located in Maabela seven, As Sinaiya Street, Commercial Line, Building 336 after Subway outlet opposite Modern Generation School.

Omani Halwa The historical background of branding it as Halwa Ajdadna is that, the skills of manufacturing Oman Halwa has been inherited from our grand grand fathers and this has been passed through generations within the family.

Omani Halwa is considered to be the National Dessert and is a symbol of Omani Culture and Heritage. The taste of Halwa has been preserved for more many years from our ancestors and the skills for making of Halwa has been passed through generations. The recipe is always closely reserved and kept secret by each Halwa Making family.

Omani Halwa is notable to many at home and abroad, and represents Omani Traditional Hospitality and considered as a symbol of generosity and excellence. It is usually served in Omani homes before drinking Arabic coffee. It is served at all sorts of social gatherings, and is particularly popular at weddings, funerals, birthday celebrations and during Ramadan and Eid gatherings; hence not a single Omani house is ever without it. Omani halwa preserves its quality for four months without the use of preservatives

Omani Halwa The Family is originated from Sur and to be precise from Al Ayja. Our late Father (May Allah bless his Soul) was a business men and he inherited the making of Omani Halwa from his Father. He travelled to East Africa for trading by Arabian Dhows and decided to stay in East Africa to develop business of Omani Halwa there and he became very famous and was nicked name as “Abdullah Suri Halwa”. We now proceeded to keep up the traditional inheritance and continue to treasure this Omani Hospitality tradition.

We build confidence in the original flavor inherited from our ancestors and Omani Halwa is available at Ajdadna Halwa in variety of flavors.

We also have introduced Sugar Confectionery Products which we believe goes well with Omani Halwa as part of Omani Traditional Hospitality. Omani Halwa